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Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our objective is to enable our clients to fulfill their dreams. If this sounds like something you can get behind, let us know.



Web Designer

You must have the ability to guide customers in the right direction when designing websites. Also having the skill to pay attention to detail to make sure you bring their dream to life. I am not looking for a team to apply for this position. I am only looking for individuals to build my own team of expert web designers. Please ensure that you can right and speak fluent English. When emailing also include your preferred contact method. You will work 40 hours per week.

To apply for this position please provide us with some recent work done by you. For more information on job description as a web designer please click here.

Mobile Application Developer

The mobile economy is throttling at a thunderous pace. As a Mobile App developer, you job is to help bring our customers ideas to life in the form of a mobile application. With your skills and abilities, you must do what it take to see your clients vision and help guide them in the right direction. To apply for this position please provide us with some recent work done by you. For more information on job description as a mobile application developer please click here.

We are always looking to expand the Netserj family. Teamwork is important and when you bring talented and creative individuals together you have the elements that make the NETSERJ Team great. We learn from each other while we work together to achieve the same goal. If you can teach us, you can learn from us.

To apply, please provide us with the following: A description of you and your work history. You must explain why you want to join the Netserj Team, and what can you do to help us grow. Along with that, we need to know some of your strengths, and weaknesses in website design and hosting. Lastly, please provide us with your expected hourly pay in USD amount.

Don’t forget to include a front, back photo of your government issue ID.

Also please don’t forget to click here to download this application, we need this too!

Please send a resume and cover letter to jobs@netserj.com. If we believe that you may fit the applied position we will contact you.